What Have I Done

These are the words that keep going through my head. I’ve had a old Trek stuck in the shed for the last year, in need of a new crank and it not being done gave me the perfect excuse to not get on a bike but now I’ve messed it all up and gone and bought myself a brand new bike. It hasnt even arrived yet and the husband is already talking about me really getting in to mountain biking and how many times a week I should try and get out on my bike whereas I’m just focusing on not falling off and hurting myself as I do a circuit of the local park. I’ve even considered waiting till its dark to give it my first try just so there’s less people around to see me make a fool of myself.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am excited about it arriving tomorrow and today’s lunch break will be filled with trying to find myself a helmet and some gloves. G tells me the gloves are to help my hands not get sore when I’m gripping the handles, I’m buying them to stop me grazing my hands when I do inevitably fall off.

Either way it is exciting and not just because it involves shopping. Our three kids all love riding their bikes the boys especially are always keen to get out on the trails with G and up until now this has been an activity I haven’t been a part of. They would usually head out on a weekend I had to work but that comes with its own problems. While the boys want to push themselves and go on the big boy trails our daughter is only seven and happy on the nice and safe family trails. Without me there to ride with her the boys are stuck on the trails that aren’t challenging them as much as they’d like. So not only will this mean we can all get out on our bikes as a family it will also mean that G and the boys can head off on the exciting trails they’re craving while Hannah and I master not falling off and getting our confidence high enough to follow the lads.

My biggest hope is I can look back on this post in a year or two and see how far I’ve come. To be able to look back at how nervous and cautious I was as I write a post about beating G on a section or two maybe.


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