Not a Bruise, Not a Scratch

I’m a bit late in writing this, I had planned to write about my first ride in twenty years within 24 hours of doing it but you know what life is like. Finally though, I have gotten round to it and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it; my thighs less so but overall it was good. After G had sworn profusely at the bike rack and managed to bruise his knuckle we headed up to Sherwood Pines; kids in tow. Originally the plan had been for G and the boys to head off to the red route while Hannah and I took a gentle ride around the green but on arrival the boys decided they wanted to do the green with us, I think it’s was partly because they didn’t want to miss the sight of me falling off but I showed them! G didn’t manage to stay on quite as well as I did though.


It was a very leisurely ride but at times I wished I could abandon my seven year old daughter and just ride rather than feathering my brakes while she insisted I mustn’t pass her. I’m hoping that as we begin to ride more together her confidence will grow and it’s clear she can ride faster than she perhaps iscomfortable with as she shot off when she realised her dad had come off. I’d like to say that is down to her caring nature but I think it was probably more so she could laugh at him, she reminded him several times that it should have been me that was falling off not him. I don’t know where she gets it from!

Towards the end of the ride my thighs weren’t even happy with me gliding along behind the rest and I had to stop a couple of times to stretch out my quads. Hannah had abandoned me to go and ride with G but Bran, bless his heart, had held back to wait for me and as I came to the end he cheered and gave me a high five.

Having cycled four miles on my new bike my arse felt like I should have big dark angry bruises all over them and that continued for a good couple of days but thankfully it eased off and I’m ready to get back out whether permitting!


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